Darius Miller--the forgotten man?

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Darius Miller is only one of six Wildcats to play in all 14 games, and has started all 14 of them. Nonetheless, he's Kentucky's 6th leading scorer, and at 8.21 points per game, still a bucket short of averaging double figures. But as the Wildcats turn to 2010, their rivals, the Louisville Cardinals, and the Southeastern Conference schedule, is Miller ready to break out?

Maybe he is.

In Kentucky's win Tuesday night over Hartford, Miller poured in a season-high 16 points on a career-high four three pointers. It was the biggest outburst the Cats have seen since Miller scored 17 against Tennessee his freshman season.

""I thought that Miller and Dodson, offensively with Darius in the second half and Darnell in the first half, played well," Calipari noted about his play. Miller's focus may have been honed with the Cardinals waiting in the wings. "I really understand how big the rivalry is and how important it is to the people throughout the state," Miller said. "We're just going to try to come out and play the best we can. I really don't know too much about Louisville because we've just been trying to keep up with our own season and prepare for our next game."

For the season, Miller, the former Mr. Kentucky, is shooting 43.9% from 3-point range. And he has been even hotter in recent games, hitting 11-18 (61.1%) from that distance. The Wildcats have seven players hitting 40% or better from 3-point range this season. Although coach Calipari isn't ready to pronounce the team a good shooting outside team yet, despite the lofty stats, he is clearly content with where they are.

""We are okay (3-point shooters)," Calipari said. "It is what I told you guys from the beginning, the way that we play and the way we drive makes the 3-pointers like a turkey shoot. They are wide open. There are games that we miss them, but they are nowhere near them. The guy is shooting it without a hand in his face. We have some good shooters that can make those wide open threes. But there are games that we miss them. We were 6-for-19 the last game. It is nice that when you come in and say, "We are going to give them 3-point shots,' ala North Carolina or whoever, it is dangerous. If we are making them, we are going to blow you out of the gym. Now, you play and spread the court a little more and give us more room to get inside and post that ball gives us more of a chance to do either."

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