Will Cousins be back next year?

Speculation is already out there about whether DeMarcus Cousins will be back at UK for his sophomore season or whether he will head to the NBA.

If I had to stop the season right now, I would tell him to come back to Kentucky and continue to develop not only physically what he can do on the court but also his maturity. But if he learns how to keep making foul shots, control his temper from this point forward and gets better, then he is probably the best pro prospect out of them all, including John Wall.

At 6-11 and around 260 or less — which is good because he has lost a little weight and that will help develop his game if he stays around 255 and keeps that baby fat off — he will be in the NBA next year if he continues to improve because he has already shown he can dominate a game.

But if he doesn't improve from this point on, then he needs to come back to school and get better.

I know ego can be a problem and so can the thought of making the big money right now. It will depend on who is around him and what kind of advice he will get. Obviously, coach Cal has a lot of experience with this type of thing and hopefully he will listen to his coach. Outside of the coach, you have to make sure you have solid people around you. People that look out for your best interest will be honest with you. If you are ready to go, then obviously you go because the money is great and the lifestyle is great. But you have to have people around you that will help you manage that lifestyle and it can be a tough lifestyle for a young kid.

He's a kid. He doesn't have the maturity of a John Wall. Kids mature at different levels. He is a kid who might need one more year of college before you throw him into that type of lifestyle.

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