KSR game players enjoy basketball contests

Are you a contest player? You will enjoy the contests that KSR runs each week, and for every Kentucky men's basketball game. "Doc" operates his BTO--Beat the Odds game, where he selects several local or national games of interests, establishes a "line," and you must predict which side of the "line" the game will take. The KSR game contest involves different types of predictions.

The KSR Game Contest, which is held for each game, involves two predictions that are constant from game-to-game, one prediction that varies each game, and a tiebreaker. The first two constants are to predict the margin of victory (or, if you must, the margin of "loss,") and the game high scorer--which may or may not be a Kentucky player.

The variable prediction and tiebreaker have included such things as field goal percentage, number of blocked shots, steals, or assists, assist/turnover ratio, last player to score/first player to score/player to achieve certain goals/etc., and even official attendance.

Winning a KSR Game Contest will have you inducted in the "KSR Hall of Fame," a select group that includes only the finest winners of the contest. For the calendar year 2009, the Hall of Fame is--

KSR Game Contest Hall of Fame

Game 1: Kentucky v. Morehead State - JimCats, ksamons, blueboss
Game 2: Kentucky v. Miami (Ohio) - WKMMRadio
Game 3: Kentucky v. Sam Houston State - Scout714
Game 4: Kentucky v. Rider - butch4377
Game 5: Kentucky v. Cleveland St. - Darrell KSR
Game 6: Kentucky v. Stanford - ArrogantBlue
Game 7: Kentucky v. UNC-Asheville - Kingcat
Game 8: Kentucky v. North Carolina - 424ParkAve
Game 9: Kentucky v. Connecticut - ukincali
Game 10: Kentucky v. Indiana - BlueBlood1979
Game 11: Kentucky v. Austin Peay - sieken
Game 12: Kentucky v. Drexel - Kingcat**
Game 13: Kentucky v. Long Beach State - 424ParkAve**
Game 14: Kentucky v. Hartford - butch4377**
Game 15: Kentucky v. Louisville - TBD

We welcome you to Doc's Beat the Odds game, and to the KSR Game Contest. Come join us on the free basketball board, and jump right in and play. ** Two-time inductee

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