The Music City Bowl "After Party"

If you're a fan of "KSR After Dark," you may enjoy the Music City Bowl "After Party." Read here what goes on behind the heated plexiglass while media is supposed to be watching the game. And what goes on elsewhere, of course.

Names will be withheld to protect the innocent--and in some cases, the not-so-innocent.

There's a secret fraternity of media members, complete with special handshakes that occur while holding laptops, and special entrances to the door. Here's what you don't see in the articles written after the game.

One set of writers--let's call them "grazers"--manage to locate their stations very strategically. No, not to get a better view of the field, but instead, to be closer to the dinner line when the free food is served.

This group requests seats on the 3rd row, away from the glass, in order not to have to climb any steps to get to the meal. And the popcorn. And the nachos.

It is always interesting to see the "preparation" put in by non-beat writers. The local media, covering the game because, well, the game is in their backyard, and did I mention free food, pulls out a media guide after kickoff in order to read about the team while the game is going on.

Frankly, I stop short of being critical here, as before the media guide was retrieved, I learned many things about the Kentucky football team I did not know. Things like--Curtis Pulley retired from football due to a heart condition, and that's why he was not Kentucky's starting quarterback this year, and Kentucky was 6-6 this season. (I think they must've been using the same math UK basketball coach John Calipari uses).

Great information that I stored away for future reference.

But the piece de resistance, and the reason for this article, may have been the media member who admitted doing all he could to establish Kentucky as local fan favorites. Why, this gentleman went out of his way to charm a lady....her daughter....and her mother--at a local nightspot well into the evening, simply doing his job as not only a media member, but a "true blue" fan as well. Word has it that the gentlemen did such a good job of charming the three generations that he was invited back later the next day, after spending time with them until after 3 a.m.

This member of the media claims nothing untoward occurred, but one must always be cautiously skeptical, mustn't one?

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