Kentucky fans love Kentucky football

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Two years ago, it was described as a "big blue mist" that enveloped the city in Wildcat blue. Two years later, nothing really has changed-Wildcat fans support their football team in great numbers.

Chants of "Blue--White--Blue--White" came from competing sides of fans lining the stadium entrance where the Kentucky football team was to enter.

A solid hour and a half before the team got there.
This is the site approximately 90 minutes prior to the football team's arrival.

In today's Birmingham News, an article on the Bowl, and the teams that have participated, highlights the fact that many schools lose money on the so-called "minor" bowls. Although millions of dollars are paid out to competing schools, the schools have to pay their travel costs, which can get expensive and include their traveling party--and the schools may have to suffer the purchase of tickets they are unable to sell. Rutgers, for example, took a loss on last year's Bowl due to having to purchase tickets they could not sell.

No such problem at Kentucky. The Wildcats received their allotted tickets--sold those--then when Clemson returned 8,000 of their tickets, the Cats received an additional requested allotment, and sold those, too.

In an announced crowd of more than 57,000--down from two years ago, but still a large crowd--it was estimated that Kentucky blue outnumbered Clemson orange by somewhere in the order of 85-15, or 90-10. The numbers were staggering.

Even in a down economy, and even in a game that is deemed more midlevel, the Wildcat fan base support their football. Keep this in mind next year when you're filling out your bowl projections. Although schools are technically prohibited from guaranteeing ticket sales, there isn't a bowl committee anywhere that doesn't know how well Kentucky fans travel and support their team. And that may eventually play a part in UK's selection to a more major bowl.

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