Morgan Newton's dad on son's 1st year

Dr. John Newton father of Morgan Newton talked about the first year experience of his son.

- Dr. John Newton father of Morgan Newton talked about the first year experience of his son.

* How did he feel Morgan's first year went? JN - It was all new to him - a big learning process for an 18-year old just coming out of high school

. * How did he adjust to the talent at the SEC level?

JN - It was very different when looking across the line and their guy that is a first-round draft choice. In high school he is so much better than most of the guy he's competing against. so he welcomed the challenge at this level.

* Are the new UK coaching moves unnerving to Morgan?

JN - One of the reasons Kentucky was a good choice is we didn't know when Brooks was stepping down but we knew it would probably know be sometime during Morgan's tenure and we knew who would be the new guy. It went smoothly for us as a family and for him. Morgan loves Randy Sanders.

* How is the rest of the team responding to the change?

JN - They're pretty positive. They understood that coach Brooks was thinking about it and they've excepted it.

* Can you clear up the injury rumors about Morgan? JN - He didn't have an injury. It was a bump in the inside his wrist. I've got to stay on top of things. I talked to him this morning (Sunday) and it doesn't look like it's going to take any minor surgery to correct the problem.

* How do you feel about the future of the program and your son?

JN - We feel pretty optimistic.

* Is there anything else you want to convey on the coaching change at the top?

JN - There were several things that drew us to Kentucky and one of them was possibly playing for an African-American coach.

John Newton played with Super Bowl winning quarterback Doug Williams for Coach Eddie Robinson at Grambling University an African-American University.

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