Lebo on UK: they are so good off TO's

Coach Lebo on UK guards: We were trying our best to keep Wall and Bledsoe as much in front of us as we could.

The Tigers held freshman guards John Wall and Eric Bledsoe to 26 points and a combined 7-for-16 shooting performance. The two guards combined for 10 turnovers, including seven by Wall, and had only six assists.

"We were trying our best to keep Wall and Bledsoe as much in front of us as we could. What allowed us to do that in the second half was we scored a lot," Auburn coach Lebo said. "they had to take the ball out of bounds and we got back and they had to play against five defenders. Where they are so good is off turnovers and missed shots. Wall and Bledsoe are coming at you 100 miles per hour and if you don't have all five back or two behind the ball they are tough to stop.

"What helped us more than anything was our offensive efficiently was able to score the ball. We were shooting close to 60 percent. It was just better execution and we made shots and finished better at the rim. We were able to spread it out and score from a lot of different spots. It was not anything Kentucky did. We handled their press for the most part pretty well. We didn't turn the ball over. We only had 12 and that was key."

However, don't think Lebo has changed his opinion about Wall and Bledsoe despite their relatively average game against his team.

"I think they are both good. I haven't seen everybody, but the ones I have seen I have not seen two better point guards on the same team," the Auburn coach said. "You can't simulate speed. Both can score and defend. Bledsoe really shooting the ball from 3-point range well.

"Their demeanor on the court, they are like seniors out there. They don't get rattled. They are special guys. They are pretty good together. If one goes out, the other can handle the position."

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