UK fans have nothing to complain about

With Kentucky continuing to win game after game, it's hard to really find anything to complain about.

With Kentucky continuing to win game after game, it's hard to really find anything to complain about.

I guess I could rag on the outside shooting. I could nitpick maybe about DeMarcus Cousins having a better overall attitude and not getting in foul trouble. I could say Patrick Patterson needs more touches.

But they seem to do a good job and they find ways to win. If they want to prove me wrong and go undefeated after I said they couldn't, go right ahead. I don't think they will. But even if they lose a game or two, people will say they are not where they need to be — and that probably will be a true statement. But it will also not be the end of the world.

They have to continue to take things one game at a time and we'll see how this unfolds. You will see spurts in games where they do not play smart and it seems as though when they get a big lead they don't know how to put teams away even though they certainly knocked out Arkansas in impressive fashion. It's tough to win on the road in this league no matter where you go and somehow they made plays when they had to and that is the sign of a great team.

We talk about this team and the talent and one reason they are 19-0. But the other reason they are 19-0 is the coach and I don't think he gets enough credit for what he has done so far. John Calipari is terrific.

Look at all the great coaches we have had here since coach Rupp, and even including coach Rupp, and nobody has got off to this type start. But yet all we care about is how he finishes after starting 19-0. However, this start does matter because only one other UK team has done this since 1966.

We have had three teams — 1978, 1996 and 1998 — complete the deal and that is what fans want to see. That is what they mean when they say the undefeated start doesn't mean anything, but it does mean a whole lot. It is a record start for a coach here, including the late, great Adolph Rupp. That should mean something to people. I am quite sure it means something to him and hopefully he will get the recognition for that regardless of how it ends up because to do this job involves a lot of pressure and you live under a microscope. You cannot knock the job he has done.

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