Calipari on win over Vanderbilt

Kentucky coach John Calipari feels his team has a lot of areas in which they need to improve, but was pleased with their overall effort coming off a tough loss earlier in the week.

Following the win over Vanderbilt Kentucky coach John Calipari overall was pleased with the way his team bounced back. Calipari also made it clear there is room for improvement.

Calipari said, "(DeAndre Liggins) did great. What he's doing, he's having a few breakdowns we've got to work on. This stuff at half-time, it's a five-point swing and he misses two free throws and then because you miss the two free throws going under on a ball screen on the one guy who can make shots. I told them, yeah we we're up 20 instead, it's 15 and now they have hope. It's not just him we're doing some of that. There was some immature stuff that we did, but we're a young team. We outrebounded a good rebounding team by 18 rebounds, we hold them to three offensive rebounds which means as a bounce back from giving up 20 at South Carolina is a good sign. I loved the way Darnell shot the ball and Patrick shot the ball, DeMarcus, again, had a double-double, John had nine assists, Eric Bledsoe, I thought wanted that game and did well."

Calipari, who views the team as a work in progress, said of his young team, "We've got a ways to go. We beat a good team. Vanderbilt had won 11 in a row. They remind me of Massachusetts teams, we didn't have the big, big like they have, but the other guys on that floor were like my UMass guys, their not going to beat themselves. They're not going to have bad turnovers, you have to grind them out. What we did, I hope you saw today, is we played a little more half court because against South Carolina they held the ball and we shot it quick and what was happening was, we were on defense 75 percent of the time, so now we we're looking for an easy basket, a layup, a post up, and if it wasn't there we wanted them to play in the half court, and still their were some errors. But again, we had five almost six guys in double figures scoring, no one shoots it more than 12 times, and a bunch of 10s and 7s, we're getting balance. You saw that I tried to play Daniel (Orton) and DeMarcus (Cousins) together, which we have to continue to do, I've got to spell John like I did, get him time off the court, same with Eric Bledsoe, which is going to get time for Darius (Miller), Darnell (Dodson) or Ramon (Harris), DeAndre (Liggins), whoever wants that time to get in there and play."

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