WALKER: NBA Scouts shouldn't change play

If all 28 NBA scouts that are schedule to be at Rupp Arena for Tuesday's game against Mississippi, it will be the most NBA guys I can remember being here maybe ever.

Players can't let that change the way they play. Back in the day I played, our coaches were pretty guarded with even letting you know that information. They really didn't talk about it a lot. I think stuff like that is talked about more now and players hear and know these things. There are more experts on SportsCenter talking about John Wall being the No. 1 pick and you try to ignore it, but you hear it.

When these scouts come in, you are eager to get out there and put on a show. But the most important thing is you still have to do what you have to do to help your team win. It is a chance to showcase your talent within a system. There is a fine line between playing in the system and being a little too selfish and a little too aggressive.

It can be easier for older players to understand that. Take Patrick Patterson. He has been through the wars and has had opportunities to play in front of NBA folks and we all know he is a proven commodity on this level. We don't know how some of the freshmen might handle this situation with all these scouts here. So far, they have all done a good job, but you have to finish this season and that is pressure. Then you have the pressure of playing in the NCAA Tournament.

How many great teams have we seen at Kentucky be great in regular season and then win only one or two games in the tournament because they succumb to the pressure? We don't know how this will impact our freshmen.

I do worry that guys hear who will be at the game watching. You want to be impressive. You don't want to try and do too much. It's good you are eager and excited to play and showcase your talent, but at the same time there is a fine line between trying to do too much and taking away from your team. You have to be careful with it.

Our guys so far have handled that stuff pretty well. I don't think it will bother John Wall. I don't think it will bother Patterson? Will it bother Cousins or Bledsoe? It might impact them differently. You just hope Cousins and Bledsoe learn from the experiences whether they are good or bad.

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