Calipari, team is still "a work in progress"

John Calipari evaluates his team as the season nears a close. Kentucky is composed of a core group of freshmen and sophomores; with Patrick Patterson being the lone upperclassman to see significant playing time.

How does John Calipari(right) see his Kentucky squad at this time?

"Still a work in progress, but we're getting better. Three freshmen start. A sophomore that did not play Division I basketball a year ago started. Basically, they played AAU basketball six months ago. (We have) Patrick Patterson, and then you come off the bench with a freshman and two sophomores who were here, but never played. They played five minutes a game. That's our team," explained the Kentucky coach. "We're immature, we're not experienced, we turn it over too much and time and score at times is not a factor in this game. That's who we are, but I still love my team."

Are Kentucky's turnovers a concern for Calipari?

"I hope we get it down to 12 or 13. We are at 15 or 16. But, the reality of it is we are playing so aggressive, we keep people on their heels. People aren't able to deny us as much as they want because we are running it up your throat, we play fast, and we play athletic. If that means a few more turnovers, I'd rather have that than less athletic and less speed. I'm just trying to get them to recognize the importance of the ball. They are having to learn. Learn on the run."

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