Football Notebook 4-7-10

The coach said for the first day Mike Hartline showed up more than the others. "The thing is that Mike feels a little bit more comfortable than the other two. He's been here a long time.

- Early in the 11 on 11 drills the offense got he better of the defense. So much so that Joker Phillips took them off to the side and gave them a tounge lashing. And subsequent to that, Tristain Johnson, Mister Cobble, Mark Crawford, and Collins Ukwu were left doing up/downs. Did the offense assert themselve more?

"They did today but then the next period the defense actually won the first down scrimmage," Phillips said. "This game is 95 percent mental. You want to see how kids are going to react. I want to find out here (practice field), I don't want to find out over there (Commonwealth Stadium). We try to make it as hostile as we can as coaches to see how they are going to react."

- The coach said for the first day Mike Hartline showed up more than the others. "The thing is that Mike feels a little bit more comfortable than the other two. He's been here a long time. He's had a lot more reps than those guys - he understands where the ball's suppose to be and he also understands where the defense is at, so he playing a little bit faster than the others right now." --------- Some of the players were funing with him as the left the facility in street clothes. They were sniffing his colonge......pretty boy (laughs).

- One writer made the observation and questioned Phillips, Morgan Newton will make a couple brilliant throws and then make a very questionable throw, is that his biggest thing he nesds to straighten out? "It is," Phillips lamented. "The thing about the quarterback position is you've got to be consistent and he hasn't been consistent throughout the spring. He made some good throws like you say and then he comes back and he'll try to squeeze a ball between two defenders. He's got to understand he's not in high school. People react to the ball a lot quicker. In high school what he thought was open is not open at this level.

- "Our defense is a lot faster now. We"ve got some speed on the field.

- We asked Phillips who is one guy on the offensive line that has impressed him? "One guy that's impressed me and he's not working with the 1's is Chandler Burden," Phillips said. "The way he runs off the ball and get his hands on people and controls people. He's got the athleticism to play the position that you want at left tackle. He's got the strength, he's got the power, and he's got the snap in his hips. He's got to be the guy that believes in himself and quit being so hard on himself, though. If he came just relax and play ball we'll have something big in him."

- Burden said that Mike Summers is hard on us - he is more intense. "It's frustrating sometimes but he is the best coach I've ever had," Burden explained. "The offensve line is more my natural position and that's what I came to UK to play. I was put at defensive end and I'm not good in the 4-3 defense with my speed. But on the offensive line my speed is a plus for me. It's like I'm starting over again but just where I'm supposed to be."

- Stuart Hines, Marcus Davis, Chandler Burden, all to a man say that offensive line coach Mike Summers is more intense than they expected him to be. They all said he 's got them firing off the ball. "A stalemate is not good enough," Davis said. "He want us to win up front, everytime. "Hines said he teaches them to be better football players. He said he want them see things before they happen - blitzs, loops, and stunts. Hines said Mister Cobble is a big strong d-lineman with good leverage. "He's a natural defensive lineman that just needs to polish his skills," Hines said.

- David Turner continues to be a joy to watch coach with his woofing in the ear and face of players and exhorting them to get better but every once in a while you see him slap a player on the butt when he is well pleased with what he just did.

- Cartier Rice continues to show up in the right place in the secondary.

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