UK Fooball Notebook 4-19

Steve Brown talked the light possibly coming on for Collins Ukwu. "I think so," Brown said. "He very conscientious - he's a hard worker – he's coachable – he's got pretty good football instincts

Another really good and enthusiastic practice, "head coach Joker Phillips said to the media throng. "Things that we are trying to do is take our individual, which is our fundamental work to the hook up drill where we have half lines and then take it to team. We are a long ways away fundamentally. I think we are getting close but still along way away fundamentally especially in blocking and tackling.

- One reporter alluded to the coaches overall happiness during the spring drills? "Yeah I have, definitely - you've got to be happy with the effort that we are getting," Phillips said.

- "We are learning how to practice as fast as we can because we need reps and we are getting plenty of reps for the young kids.

- After watching the film, what is his impression, "The same," Phillips said. "I really think the receivers are doing a real good job of catching the ball. The quarterbacks threw the ball a lot better Saturday. We got to get a lot better in protection and we've got to tackle. We just didn't tackle, which cost us getting off the field on third down.

Phillips said he really liked Mark Crawford's leadership, defensively. "I think Mark Crawford is one of our guys, everyday he's stepping up in a leadership role.

Collins Ukwu is leading with the way he plays because he's playing full speed but he's not a communicator. "We need somebody that's going to step up and be a guy that grabs them by the throat and gets them back in the huddle for us and get them rallied up when things aren't going good. We've got that on offense. We've got four or five but they've played a lot too."

The coach said that with Moncell Allen out Greg Meisner has stepped up to the challenge. "He's more athletic than I thought – He tougher than I thought, also," Phillips said. "I think he'll be a good addition at the fullback position."

One reporter implied that there would be noise if Mike Hartline is named the starter and why do you think he is unpopular? Phillips said – "There will be noise? I don't know why. We're going to evaluate and find out whose the best of the three are and if Mike Hartline is the best he'll be in there. The reason why he'll be in there is because he's the best of the three."

Phillips said he has to approach Winston Guy the same way they had to approach Dicky Lyons whereby they have to pull it out of him. Does he have to motivate him? "Yeah we do because Winston has a lot of potential and potential means you haven't done it yet and we think that he can be a big time player for us and we expect Winston Guy to be one of our leaders on defense, also. And he's got to carry himself like that."

Steve Brown talked the light possibly coming on for Collins Ukwu. "I think so," Brown said. "He very conscientious - he's a hard worker – he's coachable – he's got pretty good football instincts – and he's not a baby anymore. He's become a young man, his work and what shows on the film is coming up so I like what he's doing."

We asked Ukwu why he thinks his name in the conversation suddenly and does he think the light is going on for him? "Yeah, I think the older you get the easier stuff is and I think that is true because the game is coming to me a lot better than in my freshman year. We've got a new defense and now we are doing an attack defense instead of a read defense and I'm kind of an attack player. Is there any difference in coaches since Ron Turner is now his coach?

They're both great coaches but the thing that coach Turner brings to the table – he's more down to earth – he's knows feeling that the players have better than the past coach that we had. He's more like, could I say in the in crowd? He's like, a cool guy – he's easy to talk to so he's a lot better for the players." It appears that he gets in your ear-hole when you are not doing it right. Yeah, coach Turner will get after you no matter if you do ten good plays and you do bad the next play, he's in your ear-hole the whole time. That's the one thing you like about him, he never stops coaching."

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