Inside Jerrell Priester: Part 2 of 3

Larry Vaught goes in-depth with Jerrell Priester in this exclusive three-part interview series. Part two today talks about the positions Priester may play and includes contributions from Jerrell--as well as his Mom--on Kentucky. Priester tells us first about the positions he'll be playing in this segment.

"I talk to coach Phillips a lot and he tells me primarily I will be a defensive back and then put on special teams. But he will also throw me in the Wildcat package and get ball in hands. Football is what I do. That is what I want. Anything to help the team win and I am down for it," Priester said. "I say I am better with the ball in my hands. I want to make plays. But wherever they put me, I think I can be a contributing player and help us win."

Priester could help take some pressure off Cobb, UK's top receiver and No. 1 punt returner, if he can be used in the Wildcat package even though he would not be the passing threat Cobb, a former quarterback, is.

"Knowing I would get to play in the Wildcat was a big deal. Truthfully I want the ball in my hands. I am not selfish, but I know what can do with the ball in my hands and I can help the team out a lot. Coach Phillips told me I would be used in the Wildcat and I went for it. But if it goes the other way and I play only defense, I would not mind," Priester said.

His mother, Sandra DeLoach, knows she'll miss her son since he will be in summer school this month and July in Kentucky and then go straight into preseason practice in August.

" I am going to miss, but knowing he is going where he is happy and he is going to get an education, I am happy. I feel good he is going to a good place and I can go there anytime I want," she said.

She says her son changes his whole demeanor when he competes in sports.

"When it comes to sports, he is a totally different person. He is sort of quiet. He will talk to you basically if you talk to him. But when it comes to sports, it is a different person that comes out. He is real eager and he is just a go-getter," she said. "On weekends he usually sits around the house. He is a humble child. There is not much that he does. But he's a real go-getter in sports and will do anything to make it happen. He will be glad to do his part for Kentucky."
Stay tuned for Part 3 of the in-depth series with Jerrell Priester, coming tomorrow.

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