One and done or not? Gilchrist and Davis

Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News on Davis and Gilchrist

Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News: "As a high school player, I don't think there's any question it's Gilchrist. He has more confidence in his game. He's been great for so long. He knows exactly what he needs to do to succeed against high school opponents. My concerns about Gilchrist are not as a high school or college player, but when it comes to the NBA. Other than effort, I'm not sure what he does at the NBA lottery level. He is not an A or A-plus player in the categories of handling, passing or shooting.

"He'll be terrific for Kentucky, though. He'll immediately be one of the best athletes in the SEC. Like Davis, though, no matter what his high school ratings have been, I don't see him being a one-and-done player. Somebody might take him, but I believe it would completely short-circuit his development."

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