Grimes Back Better and Stronger

Local product Brian Grimes has returned home to his old stomping grounds. He is one of La Salle's touted freshman class and in Brian's mind there is no doubt he is better and stronger after prepping a year at Brewster Academy in upstate New Hampshire.

If you look at Brian Grimes now he looks like the prototypical Atlantic 10 power forward. However, that was not always the case. "I used the year to get alot stronger" Grimes said. "My jump shot got a lot better and has better form". "I worked on my overall strength as well". Anyone who looks at Grimes after his year in prep school and remembers his body while at Germantown Academy can really see the difference. Gone is the slender player who would mix it up inside with bigger division one recruits. Now he is among the bigger players on his college team. Grimes said the difference between top level prep school and high school is much different. "Everyone at prep schools was the best player on their team". "It was a faster pace and everyone was much stronger".

Prep School also gave Grimes time to think about where he wanted to play his college ball. "Playing away made me think about schools in Philly". The La Salle staff is quite happy Grimes decided to make his home at 20th and Olney. He has battled some minor injuries while on campus but that doesn't concern Grimes. "I am working through the issues with my knees. It won't be a problem once the season begins". Grimes is expected to add rebounding and strength down low.

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