Exploring the Morris Twins Recruitment

Decision time is nearing for two of Philly's finest players and La Salle remains in the hunt. The recruitment of Marcus Morris and Markief Morris has been fast and furious. Kentucky came calling. Indiana came calling, as did Memphis and a host of other schools. The dust is beginning to settle and La Salle is still standing and still heavily involved.

Markief Morris and Marcus Morris can play almost anywhere in the country when they select a college. Plenty of college coaches would love to have them as players. Memphis wants them. Kentucky is recruiting them. Indiana is interested. La Salle coach John Giannini has been recruiting them from almost the day he was hired as head coach. This month the twins are expected to announce their college decision. They will make some coach and fan base very happy. However, that lucky coach and fan base will have to wait until 2008-2009 to see them play in a college arena. The Morris' will attend a prep school next year after attending Prep Charter for this upcoming senior season.

Let's survey the landscape and see just where La Salle stands. I will maintain that the Explorers remain very strong and a good bet when predicting where they eventually decide to play college basketball. Their public list is basically La Salle, Kentucky, Memphis, and Indiana. The only local school remains La Salle. Why is La Salle a good bet? Location and John Giannini.

The Morris' are not expected to play prep ball at one of the notable New England prep schools. Indications are they are going to attend a local prep school. That may be a big clue in their recruitment. Why not play against the top competition offered in New England and use that to also feel what it may be like to move away from home? Rumors are the Morris' are Philly kids through and through and will favor staying home to play college basketball. They are also very close to their Grandmother. La Salle is the only local school they are considering. Coach Giannini has been recruiting them the hardest of any coach. Their good friend, Rodney Green is a freshman in the Explorers program. Rumors persists La Salle is one of the final two schools. Giannini has continued to recruit them hard and made them a priority even through the sales pitch of Kentucky, Memphis, and Indiana.

The fact that La Salle is still alive after their summer whirlwind recruitment is a positive indication of their loyalty. However, the bigger factor remains that La Salle offers them the ability to play major college basketball at home and their ever-increasing bond with Coach Giannini who still remains the most visible coach in their recruitment. Does this guarantee they attend La Salle? Of course not. However, you have to like the Explorers chances. It should be enough for Explorer fans to feel comfortable when the dust settles Marcus Morris and Markief Morris may very well select the blue and gold.

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