Explorers looking outside Philly for big man

In the fall La Salle missed out on frontcourt targets Lavoy Allen and the Morris twins. Now the staff must look outside the Philly region for not only a big man for this class but possibly next year as well. Is the next La Salle big man 2,000-3,000 miles away?

Someone mentioned that there is not an A-10 quality player over six-foot eight within 100 miles of Philadelphia next year. That is a terrible stroke of bad luck for La Salle head coach John Giannini and his staff. Atlantic 10 schools must rely on landing local big men to find size. Most quality post players are at such a premium that schools like La Salle have very little chance of landing big centers and power forwards because the elite programs come calling. A perfect example of this dilemma is Hilton Armstrong. He was recruited on physical promise. La Salle offered immediate playing time while Connecticut offered an immediate college basketball name. Armstrong ultimately ended up choosing Connecticut while La Salle settles for the less polished Lewis Fadipe. Therefore La Salle most times can only realistically land talented local big kids who want to stay home and play their college basketball. Now with very few local options this year and none for next year. How is La Salle going to land a post player(s) with enough skill to help their drive to the A-10 upper echelon? Is the answer 2,000-3,000 miles away?

La Salle has never gotten many players west of Pennsylvania, much less west of the Rocky Mountains. K'Zell Wesson is really the only player that comes to recent memory. How can you get a player to travel 3,000 miles to Philadelphia when you struggle to get kids 30 miles away? Why would a kid playing in California travel all the way to Philadelphia? What kind of young man would do that? How about a player that has already traveled 5,000 or so miles to get to the United States? That is right, the Explorers are targeting at least four post prospects from foreign countries. Young men accustomed to the travel already. La Salle has had their share of foreign big men over the years but this is the first time John Giannini has taken the foreign route to recruit a player while head coach at La Salle.

Two main targets appear to be Nedeljko Golubovic, a 6"8 forward playing at Findlay Prep in Las Vegas and from Serbia originally. Also targeted is 7"0 Australian center currently playing in California. His name is a mystery at this time but Explorer Hoop Report is working to obtain more information on this player. Findlay Prep is in its first year of exist stance and is coached by former University of Albany Head Coach Scott Beeten. So how did Giannini get involved here? He coached against Beteen while at the University of Maine in the America East Conference. Golubovic is considered an extremely strong player with a heady floor game and was dominant in two pre-season scrimmages. Findlay Prep just finished playing in the Stoneridge Prep tournament this weekend losing on Sunday to Brewster Academy, which Brian Grimes came to La Salle from. The Australian player is said to have more upside than any La Salle recruit Giannini has looked at for the post next year.

Stay with Explorer Hoop Report as we will update you on Golubovic's progress this season and La Salle's recruitment of him and other post prospects as the staff indubitably turns up the heat on landing a sorely need big man.

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