Troubling times for Explorers

Losing all three games in your own tournament is not something Coach John Giannini had in mind when he masterminded the La Salle Invitational tournament. Three losses against three sub-par programs has the young Explorers reeling with no end in sight for the foreseeable future.

Right now La Salle seems thoroughly confused. It gave up 68, 58, and 88 points respectively in the tournament. Giannini still doesn't seem to know what type of team he has. Several factors are absolute. The Explorers can't defend the post and can't shoot from the perimeter. The effort, game decisions, and offensive sets have been questionable at best. 12 games into your season is not the time to totally restructure your team. Heading into conference play there are no more long breaks to work on different things. Travel and conference games now make teams fine-tune their game, not overhaul it. So Giannini and his staff must decide to keep things status quo or change things up somewhat knowing a total overhaul is out of the question. The fans are crying for a pressing defense and fast-break offense. That seems to be what this team does best. It won't be easy because this team does not defend well enough and shoot well enough to get transition baskets and set up traps needed to press defensively. That being said it still is probably the team's best chance to remain competitive and win some more games.

With games against Rhode Island and Massachusetts on the horizon, this team better start looking for an alternative way to play Atlantic 10 teams. In particular, expect Massachusetts to give the young Explorers fits. With their imposing size, the Minutemen will make it very difficult for La Salle to score in the paint area and their inability to shoot from the outside means more trouble is ahead for Coach Giannini and the Explorers. After the unimpressive performances of the La Salle Invitational fade from our memories Explorer fans must now turn to facing a difficult Atlantic 10 schedule. Will it be the same team that we have seen thus far this season? Deliberate and methodical or will it be the change the fans have been clamoring for? An up-tempo and attacking team? If Giannini doesn't change this team for a Massachusetts team that is perfectly made for defending a team like La Salle, a change is not coming this year, what you see is what you get. Time will tell.

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