Sean Evans to choose basketball

Sean Evans had options. He could have played Division I football. Instead he has chosen to play Division I basketball. Evans recently let the Last week's National Letter of Intent Day pass by without signing a letter to any football program. Shortly thereafter Evans announced he would play Division I basketball in college.

He is the 5th leading scorer in the Philadelphia Public League averaging 21.6 pts per game. He is on the edge of leading Northeast Philadelphia High School to the league playoffs. Sean Evans is now actively looking for a basketball program that can use his 6"7 225lb. frame and use his superior athleticism on their campus. He was projected to play tight end or defensive line in football but in basketball Evans is a combo forward that plays both on the inside and outside using his speed and quickness to beat larger frontcourt players and using his strength to bully smaller players. He is a classic tweener who has gotten progressively better each year of organized basketball. Now that his primary focus will be on basketball there is no doubt Evans' game will continue to improve.

While playing with the Hunting Park Warriors AAU program this summer Evans did a lot of the dirty work for more established prospects like Marcus Morris and Markief Morris but Evans brings his own skills to the table and has showed it in the high school setting. He can shoot the basketball for his size and has a surprisingly good handle as well. He needs to learn to bring his game every night to become the most effective player he can be. But make no mistake, his skills and potential has a lot of college coaches interesting in landing him for their respective program.

La Salle has kept tabs on Evans all season as has Temple and Delaware. He is the best prospect left in the city of Philadelphia. There are not alot of players with the athleticism and speed of a basketball players but the strength and body type of a football player. Sean Evans is a player of that ilk. He still needs a qualifying score to gain freshman eligibility in college but is said to be close. Once he does achieve the necessary score expect Sean Evans to become a hot commodity in the spring. Not just for Philadelphia schools but around the northeast.

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