Giannini Post Season Q&A Part II

In Part II of ExplorerHoopReport's post season chat with La Salle head coach John Giannini we discuss everything from future scheduling to what is needed to improve the program going forward.

EHR: In the future will you schedule mainly East Coast teams or will you look into playing out West as well?

Giannini: You never say never, but with so many teams in the East I don't know why traveling to play the same type of team you could play close by makes a lot of sense. Maybe if it was a high level opponent from the Midwest or West who wanted to play in Philly we would do a home and home series.

EHR: Are the players expected to get any special instruction on their respective games this summer, i.e. shooting etc?

Giannini: We have been working on shooting since the season ended. It is often counter productive to change shots during the season. Players get worse before they get better and there is not enough time to put in the hours needed to devote to reconstructing shots because of game preparation.

EHR: The team struggled in man to man defense but seemed to have much better success playing zone. Next year will you play more zone defense or stay with man to man?

Giannini: We will evaluate that going into the Fall. No decisions yet. Many young teams struggle in man to man. There are numerous types of screens, sets, situations and adjustments to opponents that must be learned. It is more complicated than most zones. However, the experience and learning that took place will definitely help going into next year.

EHR: As you look forward to next year what is the biggest thing you would say needs to change for next year to be successful?

Giannini: Improving defensively (we are working on individual defensive footwork and speed this spring), improving shooting (our main emphasis this spring) and cutting down on turn-overs (we plan to be a bit more structured to reduce the number of decisions that need to be made).

EHR: Overall as you look to add pieces this spring, what can Explorer fans expect from next year's team?

Giannini: The same type of improvement we saw with a lot of returnees from year 1 to year 2. We coached the team we had in '05 and ‘06 and they got better. Last year we started over and we will improve again, but continuity in the future should prevent another "start over" problem.

ExplorerHoopReport would like to thank coach Giannini for his cooperation with the Post Season Q&A.

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