Warhawks Try To Land Gem

The talent in Little Rock, Ar is abundant but sometimes with so much talent in one area, a hidden gym like Michael Johnson is discovered. With an offer from ULM in hand Johnson is quick to point out the last prospect to attend ULM from Little Rock is current Bears safety Chris Harris.

Parkview high school linebacker Michael Johnson knows what he wants and already has a plan for it. An excellent student in the classroom, Johnson stresses religion and academics are a big part of his life as well as the game of football.

"I had a great experience at ULM", said Johnson. I got aquainted with all of the ULM coaches, and met a great host in current Warhawk linebacker Jason Edwards".

"I was very impressed with the student success center. The tutoring rooms are a great idea to help student athletes".

"ULM is a very young program and talking to some of the players they feel they can go undefeated in conference play in the coming years".

"It seems like some players are deterred by playing in the Sun Belt conference but these guys play teams like Florida State and Ole Miss. They still play at the highest competition".

Johnson's father, Michael SR also talked briefly with WarhawkNation and expressed his thoughts on the visit and the staff.

"You can tell when things feel right and it's not just smoke and mirrors. ULM took extremely good care of us. The coaches were very thorough with how Michael would fit into their program". Coach Berry has that program headed down the right track".

The Warhawks deploy a unique 3-3-5 defense that not a lot of team are used to defending. The focus on that defense is having 3 athletic linebackers that are called on to help in run support as well as drop into coverage.

"Coach Reffett's defense is an attack style defense. One of the linebackers is going to blitz on every play. They would like me to fill the MLB position".

While on his visit Johnson and his family also took the opportunity to check out the city of Monroe.

"Monroe is not the size of Little Rock but it's not too small either. Everywhere we went the people were very friendly and the bayou on campus caught my eye, I love to fish". "The mall is bigger than the one we have in Little Rock".

"I am also big on working out and Coach Greco at ULM is as good as they get. You can tell he is very enthusiastic about what he does. He lives, eats, and breathes the weight room".

In the 2010 season Johnson racked up the tackles with over 120. He also threw in four sacks and forced several fumbles. The 6'2.5 215 pound MLB also holds a 3.4 GPA and scored a 23 on his first try at the ACT. "I am going to try and improve on that, just to challenge myself", said Johnson.

Michael has done his homework on the Warhawks as well. "I know Chris Harris is from Little Rock and he played at ULM and now for the Chicago Bears. They (ULM) also put Aaron Morgan in the NFL last year too".

With some early interest in SEC teams Vanderbilt and Arkansas, the Warhawks have offered Johnson a scholarship that he is considering.

I attended the Vanderbilt/South Carolina game and they continue to talk to me. Arkansas I think is going in a different direction now. "I'm very interested in ULM", said Michael. Coach Berry and Coach Reffett are coming to my house Thursday night for a visit".

"I have been doing a lot of talking with my family and praying and we are looking forward to expressing our thoughts to Coach Berry Thursday night".

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