Williams Talks Warhawks

It's down to two schools for the services of Byrd defensive back Kieron Williams -

"It's down to Air Force and ULM", said Kieron Williams.

Both school have a lot to offer. ULM is close to home, my family can come and watch me play and the atmosphere is laid back which is what I am used to".

Air Force is more structured and the guarantee of a job after college is very high".

Williams is a 6'0 200 pound hard hitting safety that the Warhawks want to use as their Hawk backer on defense.

"This was my first time on the campus and it was way nicer than I thought it was going to be", said Kieron.

"I talked to Coach Berry this morning and told him that I would be making my decision this week. He said that was fine to just let them know as soon as I do".

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