ULM Field Turf Update

If fans come to Warhawk Field they would see something that looks more like a dirt track than a football field. That is because construction has started on the much anticipated new enhanced field turf ULM will be playing on in the 2007 season.

Back up the lawn mowers, the 850,000 dollar field turf project is now under way and Warhawk fans can't wait to see the end results. Construction on the new surface started on May 1st and is expected to last until the end of July.

This new enhanced field turf by ProPlay is not like the turf you would have seen on TV in recent years. Many improvements have been made and ULM is one of the first Universities to install the new surface. Instead of the traditional rubber infill that was used on previous turf installations, a sand based infill is now used.

A wet field won't be an issue because 7 inches of rain can drain per hour. The turf itself is laid in fifteen foot wide rolls then sewn together by hand using seaming tape and a urethane based adhesive that will last 10-15 years and can take on over 300 pounds of force.

As mentioned before the sand infill will have a big advantage over previously used black rubber infill systems.

1) It will not absorb heat like the ground-up black rubber, making for a cooler playing surface.

2) It will not compact over time, saving on future maintenance.

3) It does not fly up during use nor migrate, meaning it will stay in place better, not clog drainage systems, become an eye irritant during play, or get tracked into locker rooms.

ULM athletes as well as their opponents will enjoy a shock and drain pad that will reduce injuries like turf toe, rug burns and foot lock.

R.D. Owens Construction, Inc., of West Monroe, will handle the civil, site, and utility work while ARMS Building and Maintenance will install the ProPlay turf.

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