ULM GameBreaker: Calvin "Taz" Dawson

The 2006 SBC rushing champion busted his tail in the off season to report in the best shape of his career. Calvin Dawson sat down and talked to WarhawkNation about his outlook on the 2007 season and his potential to be ULM's All Time leading rusher.

It seems like just yesterday Calvin Dawson was a sophomore getting his first action in a ULM uniform. Fast forward to 2007 and you get a determined running back that wants nothing more than for his team to win a conference championship and get to a bowl game.

WarhawkNation: So Calvin, tell us about the off season and how you prepared yourself for the upcoming season.

Taz: It was tough, everyday I worked out running, trying to get stronger, bigger and faster. It was a lot of work and there were no breaks until the weekend but it is going to pay off in the end so it was well worth it.

WarhawkNation: What are your thoughts on the new Pro Play turf you guys will be playing on this season?

Taz: Oh man, I love it. I have run on it a couple of times already. It feels real good, real fast, and I can't wait to play on it. We have had good success running on turf in the past so I am looking to do some damage running the ball.

WarhawkNation: Who would you say is the vocal leader in the huddle?

Taz: There is no doubt, it's our Offensive Lineman. When they get mad and they start talking, everyone listens. Kinsmon and I are working on being more vocal in the huddle but we are more lead by example guys. Everybody knows though when the O-line talks, everyone gets quite, lol.

WarhawkNation:What are some of the team goals that the ULM Warhawks are trying to reach?

Taz:First is to have a winning season, winning our conference, go to a bowl game, and winning the bowl game.

WarhawkNation:Talk a little bit about Frank Goodin and Tay Ogletree as your backups this season.

Taz: Those guys are great, I have extreme confidence in both of them. Tay is the taller, slimmer back who can get to the corner and use his speed. Frank is more of a back like myself who runs between the tackles and uses his power. Combine the two and you have yourself a deadly combination.

WarhawkNation: Who would you say is poised for a breakout season?

Taz: I would say some of our defensive guys. Quintez Secka and Darrius Battles were out last year and no one really knows about them yet but they will. You can throw Josh Thompson into that mix as well, he will have a good season too.

WarhawkNation: How do you prepare yourself before a big game?

Taz: Try to stay focused and not think about the game. I will talk to Coach Dickerson and try to just relax and have fun. If I am relaxed and having fun before the game I am going to have a good game. Coach Dickerson will joke around with me and try to keep me loose.

WarhawkNation: Who does Calvin Dawson compare himself to as a Running Back?

Taz: Coach D(Dickerson). Him and LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers.

WarhawkNation: Does Calvin Dawson know he is currently in 4th place and only needs 1,097 yards to become the ULM all time career rushing leader?

Taz: Oh really? I had heard it before but never really thought about it. I try not to think about it because it will be on my mind too much. I try to just do what I have been doing and that's try to relax and do what comes natural to me.

WarhawkNation: Who gave you the nickname "Taz", and where does it come from?

Taz: I will have to give that one to our SID Judy Willson and couple of other guys. They said I spin a lot like the Tasmanian Devil, lol. My sophomore year against FAU I did like 3 spin moves in a row to score the winning td so my teammates have called me that ever since.

WarhawkNation: What would a packed Malone Stadium do for you guys when you walk out onto that new field?

Taz: Oh man, that would just set everything off for that first game. Knowing we have our fans behind us 100% believing in us to win that football game would mean a lot. We feel like we can beat anyone so the more support the better. I promise we won't disappoint you(the fans).

WarhawkNation: Tell us what it is like to run behind that big experience offensive line.

Taz: Its great, its like running behind my brothers, having that much trust. We have a great relationship and knowing those guys are going to take care of me makes my job that much easier.

WarhawkNation: What are some hobbies Calvin enjoys other than football?

Taz: You might laugh at this but I just like to lie around and watch cartoons, playing video games. Playing with my nieces and nephews and just having a good time.

WarhawkNation: What are your plans after your career is over at ULM?

Taz: I would love a shot at the NLF but if that doesn't happen I will take my degree and try to get into coaching. I would love to go back to my home town and just give something back to the community and help younger kids be successful.

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