Ready To Make An Impact: Cardia Jackson

Louisiana Warhawk MLB Cardia Jackson gained valuable experience starting all 12 games as a Freshman in 2006. He will use what he learned last year to have a breakout Sophomore campaign.

Cardia Jackson Profile

WarhawkNation: Last year you started all 12 games for ULM. Tell us how that prepared you for this season.

Cardia: It was a learning process for me last season. I had to learn a lot in a short period of time. Playing in all 12 games last year helped me to learn our defense and the game of football more.

WarhawkNation: You registered 58 tackles at Linebacker last year. Who else can we expect to step up and help out at that position?

Cardia: Oh yea you will definitely see some guys step up. Josh Thomas got some good experience last year and is coming along well. The coaches like Kenneth Dorsey as well. They have him working with the second string and he is looking pretty good.

WarhawkNation: You were close to signing with LaTech. Why did you choose to come and play for ULM?

Cardia: I have a little sister and mother at home and my sister doesn't have a father figure. I felt like I needed to stay close to home so I could show her how to grow up right. I also felt I had a better chance of playing right away at ULM.

WarhawkNation: Offense vs Defense, any friendly smack talk going on between the two?

Cardia: *big grin* All the time! I mean, we love it. It's great competing against your teammates but really I can't wait till we face Tulsa on ESPN2. I am going to try and please the crowd but most important my team.

WarhawkNation: Other than Tulsa, who else do have your sites on this season?

Cardia: Arkansas State. We let that one get away so I am looking forward to playing them.

WarhawkNation: How big would a win vs Tulsa set the tone for this season?

Cardia: A win would do us right. First its on ESPN, the new turf looks great, and it's a great opportunity for the nation to see who ULM is.

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