ULM Commits Make Superbowl Picks!

The NFL football season is upon it's biggest day, Super Bowl Sunday. With the hype surrounding the big game, who are the 2008 ULM commitments routing for? Check it out Warhawk fans!

It's Super Bowl sunday, the biggest game of the year. The New England Patriots are hosting the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLll. With the big game upon us, WarhawkNation ask current 2008 ULM commitments to weigh in on who they will be pulling for to win!

LB DaCorris Ford: NY Giants

DE Michael Autwell NY Giants

QB Jonathan Morvant Giants. Gotta pull for the Manning family

RB Luther Ambrose NY Giants

OL Daniel Hanson NY Giants

DL Thomas Robinson NE Patriots

WR Julian Griffin NY Giants, No one can cover Plaxico!!

DB Otis Stamps NE Patriots

TE Keavon Milton Lets Go Giants! They are the Underdogs! Plus I want to see an upset!

DL Aaron Williams NY Giants

DL Alex Ford NY Giants

DB Troy Giddens NY Giants

OL Keating Helms I am going with the Ole Miss boy. Go Giants!

OL Jonathan Gill NE Patriots

DB Giorgio Bryant NE Patriots

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