2008 ULM Recruiting Class: Part 2

The ULM Warhawks received 21 National Letter's of Intent yesterday in what is being called as the best recruiting class in years and the best in the Coach Charlie Weatherbie era. In Part 2 we sit down and talk with Coach Luke Wells and Coach Manny Michel about recruits Luther Ambrose, Casey Narcisse, Michael Autwell, Jonathan Gill, Julian Griffin, and DaCorris Ford.

With it's best recruiting class in years and quite possibly since the move to Division 1-A, the ULM Warhawks received 21 National Letter's of Intent on Signing Day from student athletes across the South. WarhawkNation caught with members of the ULM coaching staff to get their thoughts on this year's class.

DL Coach Manny Michel Talks:

Recruits: Casey Narcisse, Luther Ambrose

"Luther, first of all is the fastest player in the state of Louisiana. He is an outstanding young man, a leader at his school, and has great character. He is not real big right now but he will gain some weight when we get him in here. We were fortunate to get Luther, we beat a lot of schools on him. He had some schools come on him late but he knew our intentions and stuck with us".

Casey Narcisse is the only high school nose guard that I recruited this year. What a great player he is. Casey is a two time all state player along with Luther. They led St James to the state finals and actually beat John Curtis in the regular season and not many teams do that. Casey plays with a great, great motor. Height wise he is a little undersized at 6'0, but that does not matter because Casey is unblockable".

Some teams got in his ear about us signing the juco defensive player back in December but Casey just had one question for me and that was could he play as a freshman. My response to him was I don't know, can you? That was all Casey needed to hear".

Juco's: Thomas Robinson, Alex Ford, Aaron Williams

"We are really excited about the three young men we got from Pearl River. Alex was heavenly recruited by Alabama, Kansas State, Marshall, Miami, teams like that and we just hind of hung around. The night before juco signing day it came down to Alabama and ULM and we were fortunate to get Alex. He is a really good football player and will do well for us".

"Aaron Williams is the kind that checked into Pearl River weighing 350 and now is down to 295. Now his athleticism has really increased. Thomas Robinson is the other guy and he actually runs the fastest out of the three. All three guys have an explosiveness about them and they are all intelligent players".

WR Coach Luke Wells Talks:

Recruits: Michael Autwell, Jonathan Gill, Julian Griffin, DaCorris Ford

Michael Autwell came to one of our camp and really impressed us. He is a guy we saw junior film on and targeted him early and actually offered him off his junior tape. Michael came to our 7 on 7 camp and he really impressed us in one on one drills. We offered Michael soon after the camp and he committed to us back in June and hasn't wavered since. He had 17 tackles for a loss and around 8 sacks this year and blocked several punts. Michael is a very physical kid who is long and lean but will add weight quickly. He is a very quick twitch, aggresive, hard nose country kid who will fit in real well here at ULM".

Jonathan Gill is a guy we loved in the spring and on junior tape. He visited our Shreveport camp and literally dominated that camp. Jonathan is so athletic that he is actually a certified lifeguard. This is a huge offensive lineman we are talking about and he is a lifeguard. He benches around 370, is very flexable, and is what we call a knee bender. We feel like he can play center, guard or tackle. Jonathan is also a very good gun snapper. Very intelligent young man we feel can come in and pick up our schemes on offense".

Julian Griffin is a wide receiver from East Texas out of Gladewater HS. Julian is a guy we have been recruiting for a long time. Coach Botkin started recruiting him but when he left Coach Farmer and myself split up east Texas and I took over Julian's recruiting. Julian has got the body of a LaGregory Sapp. He is a long kid, about 6'3, plays basketball and averages about 16pts a game. He runs the quarter mile and is a strider but when you pop the tape in on him and he runs the kickoff back for a touchdown. Julian has real nature ball skills, good feet, and once he gets in the weight room will become a dominant player on the football field. Julian has real good grades, comes from a great family, and I think will be a guy that can become a really good "X" receiver in our offense".

DaCorris is the other guy that I was recruiting and I think us getting DaCorris is a steal. He was a safety as a sophomore, DE as a Junior and he wore #91. That's not traditionally a linebacker number so people see him and they think he is a defensive lineman. Ford is a very nice looking kid at 6'2 210+ and could very well wind up being a chiziled 235 pound backer for us. He moves really well, is very athletic, and finished with over 100 tackles playing the LB position for the first time. DaCorris is a kid we feel like can come in here and compete for playing time as a freshman. DaCorris is physically ready, will get bigger and stronger, and become a dominating linebacker".

"I am very excited about these young men and this class as a whole. Our staff has really worked their tails off for this years class. This is a year around process for and this years class started as soon as signing day was over last year. By Christmas this year we had 14 guys on campus and 14 guys committed. That doesn't happen without doing your homework and having guys on your staff that work extremely hard".

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