2008 ULM Recruiting Class: Part 3

The ULM Warhawks received 21 National Letter's of Intent yesterday in what is being called as the best recruiting class in years and the best in the Coach Charlie Weatherbie era. In Part 3 we sit down with Coach Nate Kaczor and head Coach Charlie Weatherbie to get their thoughts on some of the players in this years class.

With it's best recruiting class in years and quite possibly since the move to Division 1-A, the ULM Warhawks received 21 National Letter's of Intent on Signing Day from student athletes across the South. WarhawkNation caught with members of the ULM coaching staff to get their thoughts on this year's class.

Co-Offensive Coordinator Nate Kaczor Talks:

Recruits: Jonathan Morvant, Johnelle Derouselle, Ryan Dercher

"I discovered Jonathan back in the Spring of 2007. Acadiana head coach Ted Davidson knew he had a good quarterback, a winner, on his hands in Morvant. Over the years I have learned that there can be some really good quarterbacks hidden in running offenses. Obviously with what we do on offense having a quarterback that is a run threat, Jonathan fits that mold. We worked really hard to get Jonathan up to ULM for a camp to take a look at his feet, his arm strength and accuracy".

"Jonathan did come up this summer and we really liked what we saw. Those questions we had were answered quickly and thats why we offered Jonathan. As far as the spread and the veer offense, they are really not that different".

"Johnelle Derouselle is a kid that if anybody reads up on these recruiting services was a very highly touted athlete getting lots of looks from big schools. When I watched his highlight film, after about 5 plays I was very, very impressed. He can get the ball in the end zone and you can never have enough of those guys. Johnelle is a little skinny but he is one of those wiry strong kids. He really reminds me of a smaller Randy Moss. If you watch his film, he doesn't go down, very hard to tackle kind of guys"

"Johnelle is not one of those guys you would say man if he can get a step faster, or he can catch the ball better, or he can get taller. He has all of those things. Derouselle has an element to him on the football field that not many guys have".

"Ryan Dercher is a typical couple of weeks to go until signing day, don't think you have a shot at him guy. We had to fight off several C-USA teams to get Ryan. We got him down here for a visit, he really liked what he saw and committed to us. Ryan is at least 6'6 and weights 295, a big ole boy that will come in and play left tackle for us".

Head Coach Charlie Weatherbie Talks:


"These are two of the most winning quarterbacks we have recruited since we have been here in Morvant and Cody Wells. Both made it to the state finals this year, they come from winning programs. We have got ourselves two good leaders who both know how to win and we are real excited about them both.

Running Backs

Luther Ambrose and the speed that he has we are very excited to have him. Sitting in his home I asked him if he could see himself returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown at Auburn this year and he said yes sir. He is a guy that can take it the house with his 10.3 100 meter speed. Luther plays football, basketball, runs track, baseball, just an all around athlete. We just have to find ways to get the ball in his hands".

"Carl Elie is a 4.5/40 guy from South Florida out of Immokalee high school. We think Carl can come in here and bring a physical style of running just like Calvin Dawson. He is 5'9 195, runs well between the tackles, and can come in here and help solidify the running back position. With Frank Goodin already in our program we will have a fine stable of running backs to go to".

Since your tenure at ULM, how would you rank this class?

"Undoubtably the best class we have had since I have been here. Across the board, OL, DL, WR, QB, RB, and a great LB in DaCorris Ford. You look at all the positions, it's no doubt this is the best class we have ever had".

Do you think the early juco signings kid of jump started this great class?

"There is no doubt about it. It was a heck of a start for us with 7 great junior college players. All three star type players according to the scout ratings. All of those guys are real fine players that will help us get to that championship level next year".

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