Warhawks Scrambling

Is it the price you pay for success? The ULM Warhawks will be scrambling to find replacements for the most recent coaching losses and their Director of Football Operations.

Coming off the schools most successful season since their move to D-1 in 1994, the ULM Warhawks are now feeling the price you pay for success.

Six, count them six coaches will be missing from the ULM sideline this season when the Warhawks kick off the 2008 season. The most recent losses are Co-Offensive Coordinator Nate Kaczor, defensive back coach Lytrel Pollard, and Director of Football Operations Josh Brooks.

Kaczor, who coached TE's as well, came to ULM in 2006 and helped groom All SBC TE Zeek Zacharie. Kaczor also shared Co-Offensive coordinator duties with Steve Farmer. Together they put together a potent offense that has averaged over 400YPG over the last 2 seasons combined. Nate recently accepted a job with Coach Jack Del Rio and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pollard, who came from Southern Mississippi, accepted a position at ULM to coach defensive backs. That didn't last long as he bolted for Memphis only a week later to take a position on the Tigers staff.

The Warhawks learned just recently that they will be losing the glue that holds the ULM football team together in Josh Brooks. This was Brooks second stint at ULM. Josh played a vital role in ULM recruiting, planning, and making life that much easier for everyone else around him. Josh is accepting an Asst Director of Football Operations job at the University of Georgia.

Last year, after the 2007 season, ULM learned that current LB coach Kirk Botkin was leaving the program to accept a job at his alma mater, the University of Arkansas. Botkin play for the Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints after graduating from Arkansas.

Soon after that, Co-Defensive Coordinator Kim Dameron and defensive backs/running backs coach Ron Dickerson both accepted jobs on Houston Nutts staff at the University of Ole Miss.

Head Coach Charlie Weatherbie has already pushed spring practice and the spring game back 2 weeks in order to fill the vacant positions but will have his hands full trying to replace Josh Brooks and Nate Kaczor.

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