Warhawks Hit The Field

The Louisiana Warhawks couldn't have asked for better weather to kick off their 2008 spring practices. Several Warhawks made their return to the field after missing time last year with injuries.

Football is in the air! Your ULM Warhawks returned to the field today for the first time in 2008 to kick of Spring Practice.

Spirits were high not only for the players but several coaches were visibly excited. Coach Manny Michel was in full form working with the defensive lineman making sure they gave him their best.

Practice Review

Kinsmon Lancaster, Trey Revell, and Antron Mason are your 2008 quarterbacks and rank 1-2-3 on the dept chart. There was no doubt, based on this first practice, who the most polished quarterback and no doubt the #1 starter. Kinsmon Lancaster threw the ball with confidence hitting his receivers in stride and on time.

Kinsmon hooked up with deep threat LaGregory Sapp for a sweet 45 yard touchdown pass. Sapp ran right down the seam and the ball was delivered on time allowing Sapp to walk into the end zone. Trey Revell worked with the second team and at times struggled. Trey held onto the ball too long and as a result threw some passes that were read by the defense and picked off. James Truxillo and Greg James stepped in front of Revell passes for interceptions on the day.

Antron Mason was working with the third team and showed signs of a young quarterback as well. Mason was good on his short crossing patterns but struggled with the deeper routes.

One of the problems ULM had last year was too many drops by receivers. Today was not much better as many Warhawks struggled catching and securing the ball. Chalk it up to getting back into a football rhythm.

The unit that stood out the most was the defensive line. New comers Aaron Williams and Alex Ford could be seen in the backfield blowing up plays on a regular basis. DE Aaron Morgan was equally effective as he used his big frame and speed to get around the corner and pressure the quarterback. Tay Ogletree was sent on some well timed cb blitzes that would have resulted in a qb sack.

JC transfer Ryan Dercher was working with the first team offense at Offensive tackle. Brett Thompson worked as the ULM center as transfer Keating Helms was held out of drills for precautionary reasons.

Overall a very good and spirited first spring practice for the 2008 ULM Warhawks. J.J. McCoy and Mitch Doyle were participating in full drills after both missing most or all of the 2007 season.

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