ULM Growing On Banks

West Monroe quarterback D.J.Banks was on campus this past weekend for his official visit to the ULM Warhawks. What were his thoughts and where does ULM now stand on his list?

West Monroe dynamic quarterback D.J. Banks has been one of the Warhawks top prospects this recruiting season and this weekend Banks got a first hand look at what his future could look like at ULM.

"I had a very good time this weekend for my visit", said Banks. I got to hang out with my boy Frank Goodin all weekend and he showed me the ropes around campus. Frank just told me that this has been a great place for him and that I could come in and do real well at ULM. He talks about how we could be teammates again", joked Banks.

With quarterback Kinsmon Lancaster using up all of his eligibility, ULM will likely look to run more option in 2009. A Frank Goodin/D.J.Banks option offense could spell doom for opposing defenses but where does Banks stand on the quarterback situation?

In the past I have always said I was more interested in playing defensive back but I really enjoy playing quarterback. ULM runs an athletic spread offense where they like to get all of their athletes on the field and move them around.

D.J.Banks on academics

I looked into ULM's business program while I was there and found out they have a very good one. That is what I am interested in majoring in.

D.J.Banks on playing close to home

That is something that I have been thinking about. Playing here locally, my mom will get to come to all of my games as well as the rest of my family and friends. I have a lot of friends and former teammates that play for ULM.

D.J.Banks on where ULM stands

I am considering ULM. I can get a great education here and play in front of a great community. Coach Leahy has done a very good job of recruiting me. He is a great man with an impressive resume that has an NFL background. He is also a Christian man.

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