Cogswell Leaves No Doubt; It's ULM

For the past month the rumors have been swirling about where Evangel Christian defensive tackle Blake Cogswell will continue his playing career. This weekend Cogswell answered those questions.

"I Had a blast and probably gained 6 pounds on my visit", joked Blake Cogswell. I got there Friday and we met all the coaches at the Alumni center, ate steaks and I went back to Doug Strouds place and we hung out. The next day I toured campus, looked into my academics and met with the coaches again for position meetings".

"We met back up at the Library for lunch. Catfish Cabin catered, and it was awesome".

"I had my sit down with Coach Weatherbie and I told him I was solid to ULM, this is where I want to play".

Cogswell (6'3 290) will bring a big physical presence to the Warhawks on the defensive side of the ball.

"I have decided that ULM is the place for me, this weekend summed it up. All that's left is some paperwork that I will be signing on February the 4th and it will be official".

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