Bob Leahy Talks Local Talent

When it comes to recruiting Northeast Louisiana, assistant head coach Bob Leahy is one of the best in the business. Leahy talks about three of ULM's top local prizes in Cameron Blakes, Brandon Williams, and Blake Cogswell.

ULM assistant head coach Bob Leahy has been in the coaching business for a long time. He knows the area well and has a sharp eye for recruiting some of Northeast Louisiana's top talent. This year might have been one of his best.

Leahy on Cameron Blakes - "Cameron is a guy that we are really excited about. He is one of those hybrid young men. All district player as a corner back and safety his sophomore season. Moved to line backer his junior year and when it came crunch time in his senior season, put his hand on the ground, played defensive end, and got 9.5 sacks".

"Great, great speed, really tough player that brings a huge pop, and on top of that is a really good young man".

"Funny story I will tell about Blakes. Frank Hoffman who is the voice of the West Monroe Rebels and the ULM Warhawks came up to me after the game. He said "Bob, Cameron Blakes was the best football player on that field". I said Frank, shhhhhhhh! Don't you tell anyone about that kid, you just keep that to yourself, we don't want anyone knowing that! I said Frank he's not that good, just tell everyone that he is not that good", joked Leahy.

In our opinion Blakes flew under the radar with all the national attention Montrell Conner was getting. We had to hold onto Cameron late as some big time programs moved in on him. We look for Cameron to play that rover or bandit position in college. Blakes will be a 225 pound guy with cover skills that you can put close to the line of scrimmage to stop the run or drop him back in coverage".

Bob Leahy on Brandon Williams "Brandon spent most of his career as a defensive back and really blossomed into a wide receiver prospect. We had a chance to work him in one of our camps and we know this kid is going to be a 6'2 210 pound guy when it's all said and done".

Brandon is an outstanding athlete with good hands and great route running skills. You want as many big physical kids that you can line up there with so many screens we run in the spread. We need these kids to be able to block and be physical out there when they are not catching the football".

Bob Leahy on Blake Cogswell -"Blake has been a dominating player, a super strong, very intense player. I saw Evangel come up here and beat Bastrop last year and Blake was the only guy on the line that went both ways(Offense and Defense). He laid it on the line, what a competitor, intense, intense, guy who is a throw back player. SMU came in him late and they thought they had him but we were able to hang onto Blake".

Bob Leahy on ULM's class - I thought we did an excellent job of covering our areas of concern and sewing up spots for the future. You look at the wide receiver position and we have 3 seniors that will be lining up for us so we had to replenish that position".

"The kid from Belle Chasse (Peterson)is an electric guy even though he is small he can move. The big physical kid out of Texas (Selexman) can dominate. I love our tight ends we brought in as well. One of them is going to be a real man out there (Jefferies) and the other one is going to be that H-Back (Steed) that we can line up anywhere on the field".

"The linebacker Antonio Hoskins is a player, he 's a stud out there. Lot of great players in this class and I am looking forward to seeing them on the field".

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