Nelson Makes The Switch On Signing Day

Robert Nelson of Gwinnett high school in Georgia was a signing day surprise for the ULM Warhawks. Find out how Nelson became a Warhawk at the last possible moment Wednesday morning and who he almost signed with.

Signing day is supposed to be a day of celebration for athletes moving onto the college level but for Robert Nelson his decision to sign with Illinois State on Wednesday morning was really bothering him.

"I visited Illinois State last weekend and I had a really good time. While I was there I committed to them because at the time it felt like the right decision. As signing day got closer and closer I started having second thoughts. The night before (Tuesday) I didn't sleep at all. I called my coach early Wednesday morning and told him that I made a mistake".

"The thing that kept weighing on me was the fact that Darrell Perkins was always there for me. Even after I committed to Illinois State, he told me he was happy for me and anything he could do for me, just ask. I guess in my heart I just felt that Coach Perkins would be there for me at ULM, someone I can talk to. He had been recruiting me since my 3rd game of the year".

"I called Coach Perkins Wednesday morning and said that ULM had a spot for me so I faxed my NLI to him. He was excited and told me that I could be a great player for ULM if I take care of my business. I worked hard this year and I know I am a Division 1 player so it was too hard for me to pass up that opportunity.

"I love ULM's schedule next year too. Texas, Arizona State, Kentucky, those are games that you measure yourself in and I want to be apart of that".

Nelson is 5'10 165 pounds and runs a 4.49 forty. He scored 5 touchdowns his senior season playing defense (2) and special teams (3). Nelson set school records for the longest interception return for a touchdown and longest kickoff return. For fans it's easy to get excited about the possibility of a Luther Ambrose and Robert Nelson back returning kickoffs for ULM in 2009.

Robert still has some work to do to get qualified. He has never taken the ACT and will do so next week. Robert needs a 21 to become fully qualified.

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