Friday's Spring Practice Nuggets

On the eve of the 2009 ULM Spring game, Warhawk Nation brings you up to date with the Warhawks new defensive scheme and their new fast pace offensive game plan.

Friday's Nuggets

ULM Quarterbacks were working hard today running situation hot read drills. Knowing where the blitz was coming from, making the correct audible at the line of scrimmage and then executing the called play.

Trey Revell and Zach Rhodes looked the most comfortable running the offense with Cody Wells and Jonathan Morvant also working with quarterback coach Jonas Weatherbie. Rhodes does not look like a quarterback that sat out all of last year and has only taken a handful of snaps. Very athletic, strong arm, and runs the option well.

Trey without a doubt has the rocket arm of the group and was very accurate with his throws and reads. He is the starting quarterback and the other quarterbacks are chasing.

As reported earlier by us ULM has four running backs that they will use this season. Frank Goodin, Rodney Lovett, and Carl Elie will take the majority of snaps with Gary Frazier coming in on short yardage situations.

Carl Elie looks a lot like departed running back Calvin Dawson. He showed some impressive runs breaking one off the left tackle for a 24 yard gain to the 3 yard line.

The offensive line of course was opening those holes for the ULM running backs and already look more relaxed and confident than last season.

ULM has got some TE's to work with. Alvin Jordan has drop some weight and will become more a true pass catching TE. Keavon Milton is without a doubt the most impressive of the group at 6'5 and 250 pounds, he moves well and is going to be a huge weapon for the Warhawks.

The ULM defense worked out of their new 3-3-5 set and will bring pressure from their LB's or drop them into coverage. It's a defense that is based on deception but is suspect to the run as the offensive line had it's way with them opening up nice holes to run in.

We also had a C.C. Carpenter sighting on the 2nd team as a MLB and he had a couple of nice hits. The defense also sent some blitz packages that would have resulted in some blind side sacks/fumbles.

New ULM receiver Cordario Calvin caught me by surprise as he is a legit 6'4 and by no means skinny. He and Julian Griffin both looked good.

The ULM offense ran a constant no huddle offense going 15-20 seconds between snaps. The new coaching staff is young, energetic and not afraid to get involved with the drills themselves.

The ULM spring game is tomorrow with with a noon kickoff.

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