Warhawks After Lunsford

The ULM Warhawks are being selective when it comes to offered big offensive lineman for the 2010 recruiting class. Only taking 2-3 big men in this class, the Warhawks have keyed in on one of the best in the state of Texas.

Garrison offensive lineman Austin Lunsford has seen his recruiting really start to take off here in the last couple of weeks. "Things just kind of exploded here recently", said Austin. I am up to six offers now.

The Warhawks are one of those six and will get a first hand look at Mr Lunsford this Friday when he attends their one day camp at Independence stadium in Shreveport, La.

"I'm looking forward to the camp". I am open minded when it comes to picking a school that is best for me. Anyone that shows interest in me, I am going to do the same for them. While Austin holds an offer from ULM, he admits he is still learning about the Warhawks.

"I grew up around Big 12 football so I know a lot about those programs but I am doing my research".

Austin currently is holding offers from ULM, Colorado State, San Diego State, Houston, Northwestern State, and SFA.

"I don't want to go somewhere and just be another roster number". I want to go to a place where I can make a difference, where I can be a player".

Austin is 6'2 290 and has a 365 bench with a 550 squat. He holds an impressive 3.5 GPA and is looking for a school with a good criminal justice program.

Stay tuned to Warhawk Nation as we continue to update Austin throughout his senior season.

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