Revell Ready To Be The Man For ULM

A quarterback in waiting for three years at ULM, Trey Revell's opportunity to seize the starting job finally arrives this fall. "I've been hungry for a while – ever since I got here," Revell said. "You don't come to sit the bench. You come to play.

A quarterback in waiting for three years at ULM, Trey Revell's opportunity to seize the starting job finally arrives this fall.

"I've been hungry for a while – ever since I got here," Revell said. "You don't come to sit the bench. You come to play. It's hard sitting the bench and watching thinking, ‘that could be me.' "I've had a lot of experience while I've been here. I took some bumps – Ole Miss, you try to forget about that one. I've had some success too along the way. But now it's time to go ahead and get focused and work on consistency."

His spring audition went well, and Revell is listed first on the depth chart as the Warhawks enter training camp.

"I'd say it's Trey's job to lose," quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator Jonas Weatherbie declared in the spring. "Trey's got seniority on that. He came in last year against Troy and directed the game-winning drive. He's kind of taken that role right now."

Behind Revell, SMU transfer Zach Rhodes and redshirt freshman Cody Wells are the primary competitors. Revell isn't taking his position for granted.

"It's still going to be a competition," Revell said. "There's no hiding it. We all know it. We're all good friends. But when it comes down to it, it's a job and somebody's got to do work. I'm looking to be that guy."

Only a small sample of Revell's college work is available for review. He served as primary backup to Kinsmon Lancaster the past two seasons, completing 33-of-67 passes for 364 yards and four touchdowns.

"Watching Kin these last couple of years, I've had a great role model," Revell said. "Watching him play and what he does, getting ready for the games and how he practices watching film and studying, I've just got to be that guy now. I've got to get the film done and be the leader."

Revell logged starts against Florida International and Middle Tennessee in that time span, but made a bigger splash with his relief efforts. As a redshirt freshman in 2007, Revell started the second half at North Texas and completed 14-of-29 passes for 196 yards and three touchdowns. He famously executed a last-minute drive last season to beat Sun Belt champion Troy at Malone Stadium.

"Having that experience and knowing the guys believe in you," Revell said. "They've been there with you, been in the trenches and know you can pull it out. That will help me out with the guys and the coaches."

Thrust suddenly into action that night, Revell directed a nine-play, 72-yard march to top the Trojans. With Lancaster injured, Revell hit 4-of-4 passes for 41 yards and also rushed for 29 yards on the drive. He delivered the game-winning pass on a 7-yard strike to J.J. McCoy.

Overall as a sophomore, Revell was 14-of-28 for 129 yards. He ran six times for 92 yards against Louisiana-Lafayette, including a career-long 57-yard run.

"It's all about making the right decisions, going to the right places, getting your guys in the right places and moving the offense up and down the field," Revell said. "It's going to happen one way or the other." <.p>

Revell exudes a confidence that teammates have long admired. Last year during the presidential elections, several players were asked by the media who they would pick as president off their team. Two out of three named Revell that day.

"You've been sitting there, watching and waiting," Revell said. "Now you're the old guy. You're the veteran. You've got to be the leader. That's the role that I'm looking to take. It's a good feeling. It's a pushing feeling. It's on you"

Revell is blessed with a big arm, deceptively mobile for his size and has played well in a fast-paced style. With that in mind, ULM is installing a no-huddle approach to suit his dual-threat skills.

"All the guys love running it," Revell said. "It's easy to run and we've got the athletes to do it."

As an all-state prep quarterback at Florida State University School in Tallahassee, he rushed for 1,357 yards and passed for 5,417 in his career. Directing an option offense there, he passed for 1,883 yards and 12 touchdowns with another 378 yards rushing as a senior. His prep coach compared him favorably to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger when he announced his verbal commitment to ULM.

Revell will have a host of reliable weapons at his disposal during his first season at the helm, including backfield mate Frank Goodin at tailback and veteran receivers Darrell McNeal, LaGregory Sapp and Anthony McCall.

"We're deep at receiver," Revell said. "Speed, height and hands. They're ha

rd workers too. None of them will let you down. They show up early for weights and leave late from meetings. They're great guys and I can't wait to expose secondaries. With the schedule we've got, we're going to need all that depth. It's looking good for us."

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