Cogswell Departs From ULM

Highly touted incoming freshman Blake Cogswell has decided to hang up football for the time being but did not rule a possible return. Hear what Cogswell had to say about his time at ULM and what his future holds.

Blake Cogswell, the first commitment for the ULM Warhawks in the class of 2009 has quit the ULM football team and returned home to Shreveport, La.

"I am just tired of football and I didn't want my life to be about football anymore", Cogswell told Warhawk Nation.

Basically I am ready to just be a normal student with a regular life. Don't get me wrong, I love ULM and maybe down the line I will try it again but right now my heart is just not in it".

"I can't do something half way, it's just not me. I wanted to report to camp and give it a try to see if I still love playing but right I am just burnt out".

Cogswell drew high praise on Wednesday from ULM head coach Charlie Weatherbie saying he thought Blake could be one of the incoming freshman that could compete for early playing time.

What are Blake's plans as of now?

"I am enrolling in a juco school over here in Shreveport taking classes to pursue a degree and drive heavy equipment for my dad. It's really good money that will allow me to pay for my school, my truck, have my own place to stay and still have a little left over".

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