Making The Switch; Mitch Doyle

Playing as a tight end his entire career at ULM, Mitch Doyle is making the switch to the offensive line in 2009.

Ask any college coach, there is no substitute for a fifth year senior. Such is the case with ULM's Mitch Doyle.

The Oklahoma native is trading in his #88 jersey he wore for the first four years for #64. Listed as a tight end Mitch was more of a blocker than a receiving threat. In four seasons he has more pancakes than catches. (11 receptions for 57 yards and two touchdowns)

In 2007 Doyle only participated in two games before he went down with a broken leg on the road at Texas A&M. "Initially when I came back I was concerned about my leg but once I got into the heat of battle I didn't really think about it", said Doyle.

In 2009 Mitch will take on a new role as one of the starting offensive lineman. "Basically my whole career was a blocking tight end so really it's just a big step over to a full time blocker. When I was playing tight end I was matched up with a defensive end. It's the same thing now it just feels like the defensive end is in another position which creates better leverage working from the inside out instead of the outside in".

The Warhawks were rebuilding their offensive line in 2008 but return the majority of the guys for 2009. "We feel pretty good about this season. There will be some changes as well. Some guys you won't see out there anymore and some guys that were standing on the sidelines have now taken their places. I feel like the ones that are playing deserve it, they have really worked hard to earn it".

Can you tell us who has impressed you this off season and during camp so far?

"We call him "Gill" as in Jonathan Gill a red shirt freshman from South Grand Prairie in Texas and A.J. Degroot. Both are really standing out this year and have really been busting it out there".

Talk about being a 5th year senior.

"This is the last go around you know. I have hopes to go to the next level but sometimes that is motivation to work a little harder or run a little faster. Speak up whenever I see guys not working hard".

Texas is first on the schedule, thoughts?

"We got a lot to hope for. We got some ways to go with two a days and training. We have to work extra hard to play the #2 seed in the FBS in Texas. After a big win two years ago at Alabama, nothing is out of the realm of winning".

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