Tempers Flare In Warhawk Camp

The Warhawks lived up to their name Monday morning as a pair of scuffles ended practice early.

The Warhawks lived up to their name Monday morning as a pair of scuffles ended practice early. The first fracas featured defensive end Aaron Morgan and offensive lineman Justin Roberts during the team period. Morgan delivered a drop kick to Roberts' chest during the one-on-one tussle.

Order was restored, but not for long as defensive end Troy Evans and offensive lineman Jonathan Gill went toe to toe.

That was it for ULM coach Charlie Weatherbie, who shut down the drill and prescribed up-downs and extra running for the entire team.

"We had a couple of skirmishes out here and a couple of guys being selfish," an irked Weatherbie said. "We ended up with a couple of wind sprints at the end to try to get their minds right."

Tempers have run high on more than one occasion during camp, a trend that concerns Weatherbie.

"One guy can cost you opportunity to win a football game or to win a championship," Weatherbie said. "It takes all of us out here, all 105, to win a championship and that's what we're out here for."

Weatherbie, who has talked to the team before in camp about squabbling on the field, did so again to wrap the morning session.

"We as coaches are not going to let that take place," Weatherbie said. "Hopefully our players can learn from that."

On a blazing hot morning, perhaps the hottest since ULM reported, the Warhawks looked somewhat lethargic on the field before the dustup. Several players had to be admonished for lack of effort, and Weatherbie wasn't happy about that either.

"I thought up to that point, we had a fairly sluggish practice," Weatherbie said. "We gave them yesterday off with a chance to go to church. We'll evaluate that next week and see what we need to do on Sunday. We might need to practice on Sunday next week."

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