Coach Todd Talks Defensive 3 Man Front

The Warhawks have gone to a three man front in the new 3-3-5 defensive scheme. Coach Everett Todd talked to Warhawk Nation about how the players are adapting to the new defense and where things stand on the D-Line.

With the ULM Warhawks moving to a 3 man front in Troy Reffett's 3-3-5 defensive scheme, defensive line coach Everett Todd gives Warhawk Nation the latest on where everything stands on the D-Line.

"We are progressing really well", said Todd. We have a great mixture in terms of guys in classification. Our seniors are looking good as well as our sophomores and juniors".

"I have a couple of guys that obviously when they are completely healthy I think will make us really good. Overall as a unit our guys are playing some really good football right now".

Now that school has started back coaches only get the student athletes for 20 hours a week. Are there some things that you will concentrate on now that your time is limited?

"We are just making sure we put the polishing touches on they guys totally understanding what we are looking at and the meaning of what we do and why we do it because what we do is conceptional in nature. They have not only got to know what they are doing but whatever body else does. The decision making process is something we have to get down".

"With that said I think the guys have a done a great job with it these past couple of weeks".

Depth chart wise, where are we coach?

"I think we just about have it down. There are a couple of guys we didnt get to see much of in the spring because of injuries but for the most part those guys have come along well and are up to speed. They guys that were starters for us in the spring have held their positions and the guys that are coming back have dictated who our #2's and #3's are".

Are there any players that have stepped up and really impressed you so far?

"Those front three starters Troy Evans, Aaron Williams, and Aaron Morgan are really playing at a high level and then our #2's have looked good. Guys like Jameson Jordan on the left end has really helped his cause".

"I feel pretty good about this unit, obviously a lot will depend on how healthy we can stay this season".

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