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In just three days the ULM Warhawks will travel to take on the #2 ranked Texas Longhorns. Texas will be the highest ranked opponent the Warhawks have ever faced. Running the ball could be a chore against a Texas defense that allowed just 83.5 rushing yards per game in 2008.

ULM's first-team running back Frank Goodin suffered a hamstring injury on the first day of training camp and was a limited participant during the preseason.

But all signs point to Goodin being a go when ULM plays at Texas to open the year on Saturday. Asked for an update on Goodin's status, ULM coach Charlie Weatherbie said, "He's doing great. He's ready to roll. We're excited about him back in that starting role."

A junior from West Monroe, Goodin enters his second year as a starter 200 yards from entering ULM's career Top 10 list with 1,579. Running the ball could be a chore against a Texas defense that allowed just 83.5 rushing yards per game in 2008.

First look: Freshmen linebacker Cameron Blakes, cornerback Khairi Usher, cornerback Robert Nelson and Isaiah Newsome are expected to be part of the traveling party this week, ULM coach Charlie Weatherbie revealed during his weekly press conference.

Freshman kicker Grant Clayton and freshman deep snapper Salanoa Galeai will make the trip, Weatherbie added.

ULM linebacker Josh Thomas isn't exactly a fan of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. But Thomas does have a sincere appreciation of his skill level and the way McCoy runs the team's offense.

"Just the precision in which he runs that offense," Thomas marveled. "It's precise. The timing is amazing."

Presented with McCoy's NCAA record 76.7 completion percentage from 2008, Thomas continued, "It's crazy, huh? Almost 80 percent, that's crazy. He's a great quarterback. You've got to get pressure on him. You've got to hit him."

Nothing would please Thomas more than getting a chance to meet McCoy in the backfield. "I'll do a little something," Thomas said. "I'm just ready."

A former college quarterback himself at Oklahoma State, ULM coach Charlie Weatherbie also sees greatness in McCoy. "He's very good at avoiding the rush. He's one of those guys who can buy himself a lot of time and he throws very well on the run as well as in the pocket. That's what makes him a 77 percent completion average last year – just being able to throw it on either foot, falling down, running to the left or the right, being flushed out of the pocket or standing in the pocket."

Upset recollections: ULM's win at Alabama from 2007 came up in Texas this week and still serves as a warning to Warhawk foes. But getting ULM players or coaches to savor the victory again is a chore.

"That was a while back," Thomas said. "We're not going to worry about that. We're just going to go in and do what we do. I'm going to talk to the guys before we go, but there's not much not be said. You're either ready or you're not."

Prodded again, Thomas finally relented. "It's a great feeling when you can quiet 90,000 people." Worth noting, Texas assistant Major Applewhite was on Nick Saban's Alabama staff in 2007.

Line dancing: The oddsmakers have established Texas as a huge favorite over ULM, but Weatherbie claimed to have no idea what the spread is for the contest. "I'm not sure that anybody really looks at being a 42-point underdog," Weatherbie said. "In fact, I didn't even know that. So, it's one of those things you don't even worry about when you're playing."

Quarterback Trey Revell said, "I've heard it's somewhere between 42 and 70. That happens a lot when you're coming to play a team like Texas. They probably have games all year where they're up 42 points predicted. It means nothing to us. We'll see at the end of the game what it's like."

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