WNation Pickem Picks

It's that time of the week where we at WarhawkNation make our gutsy picks in the world of college football.

Tim Holcomb

ULM @ #2 Texas

ULM will have to play a near-perfect game to win in Austin, a game with no offensive turnovers, few if any drive-killing penalties, and several big breaks in the Warhawks' favor (e.g., defensive turnovers, failed fourth down conversions, etc … remember the Alabama game?). Is it possible? Absolutely. Will it happen? Unlikely.

I expect ULM will play the Longhorns close during the first half, a product of high levels of ‘adrenaline' for the Warhawks and a ‘rust' for the Longhorns. Don't be surprised if ULM trails UT 17-10 or 14-13 at the half. But led by a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate who completed more than 75% of his passes during the 2008 season (Colt McCoy), the Longhorns are simply too deep and too talented.

Final score: Texas wins, 37-13.

Paul Letlow

The Warhawks have the element of surprise with a new defensive alignment and a new starting quarterback. But the Texas talent and partisan crowd is too much to overcome.

Texas 56, ULM 7

Matt Wilson

With it being a season opener there will be mistakes made by both teams early on. The difference will be which team capitalizes on those mistakes. The Warhawks new 3-3-5 defense will confuse Texas early but not for long.

A huge home crowd will also make it very hard for the Warhawks and calling an audible on offense even harder. ULM's best bet is to try and win the field position battle, keep Texas backed up and keep the clock running. That said, too much hookem horns in the end as Texas rolls.

Final Score: Texas 45 ULM 21

Other Game Picks

#16 Oregon @ #14 Boise State

Tim - Oregon 31, Boise State 21

Paul - Boise State 35, Oregon 28

Matt - Boise State 42 Oregon 35

#20 BYU @ # 3 Oklahoma

Tim - Oklahoma 31, BYU 21

Paul - Oklahoma 52, BYU 14

Matt - Oklahoma 49, BYU 42

#5 Alabama @ #7 Virginia Tech

Tim - Alabama 20, VT 17

Paul - Alabama 21, VT 17

Matt - VT 24, Alabama 21

#11 LSU @ Washington

Tim - LSU 41, Washington 14

Paul - LSU 28, Washington 10

Matt - LSU 27, Washington 17

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