ULM - Texas Recap

Warhawk Nation takes a look at what went right and what went wrong Saturday night in Austin Texas as ULM fell to the Longhorns 59-20.

Warhawk Nation was on hand to watch every snap of the ULM vs Texas game Saturday night and will now look back on what the Warhawks did right and what went wrong. A lot of positives came from the game that will allow ULM to build on the rest of the season.


Quarterback play: Trey Revell didn't look like he was was a first year starter. In fact he was able to stand tall in the pocket and deliver some really nice strikes to ULM wide outs. When he did get pressure, he was able to escape, roll out and get rid of the ball or pick up positive yardage. Revell was not sacked all night despite being under heavy pressure.

Revell finished 14/30 in the passing department but we counted 5 drops for ULM wide receivers. Two of those drops would be critical. Keavon Milton dropped a would be touchdown, and Alvin Jordan had one go off his shoulder pad that was intercepted by Texas.

Trey showed tremendous body strength and his big arm when he tossed a 75 yard touchdown while being hit by the Texas defense.(See photo below taken by Warhawk Nation) The only negative thing was Trey had a tendency to stare down his WR's at times but other than that did a really good job of getting rid of the ball quickly and accurately.

Grade B+

Running Backs/Receivers

Although the ULM run game managed to churn out 101 yards, they had to do it on 42 carries (2.9 rush) and that's not gonna get it done. Other than Luther Ambrose, Goodin, Lovett, and Frazier had no where to go most of the night.

The Warhawks were able to get a couple of nice gains on the option but moved onto the Wild Warhawk formation and had even less success. Until McNeal throws the football, teams know he is in there to do one thing and that is run the football.

Alvin Jordan led ULM with 48 yards on three catches but also had two big drops. LaGregory Sapp finished the night with 27 yards on three catches and earned all 3. Anthony McCall did not have a reception on the night. Keavon Milton, Frank Goodin, and Tim Taylor all had one dropped pass on the night as well.

If I was passing out grades I would give this unit a C+ based on the opponent they were playing.

Offensive Line

The ULM offensive line had a pretty good night. Trey was under pressure at times but his lineman did a good job of not letting him take that big shot or blind side shot that causes turnovers. The run game need polishing but again its tough when your talking Texas.

One major issue is the center to quarterback exchange. This at times was an issue last season and will kill a drive every time or be a potential turnover. Two times in Saturday's game the ball was snapped when Trey was not ready or it was airmailed over his head. This is must fix issue.

Grade: C


Forget about the near 600 yards we gave up, there were much bigger issues out there. Depth will be our achilles heel all season. The Warhawks have got to get some more big bodies on the D-Line. It was early in the 2nd quarter when the entire 2nd team defense replaced the 1st string and Texas knew it and attacked.

Poor angles. Some of the defensive backs took bad angles on simple bubble screen plays and allowed the WR to bounce the ball outside and pick up huge chunks of yardage.

There were some guys out there that were shining as well. Cardia Jackson and Aaron Morgan didn't take plays off and had big nights. Morgan was constantly being doubled and sometimes tripled teamed and still caused lots of havoc. He recorded one of the Warhawks 2 sacks on the night and was constantly in the backfield or batting balls down.

Grade: C-

Special Teams

This was a debacle all night. We had guys running all over the place after we scored and had to take a delay of game on an extra point. Texas kept getting closer and closer to breaking a kickoff return and finally they hit the big one. It's back to the drawing board for those guys.

Radi Jabour had a solid night with 2/2 on field goals and 2/2 on extra points. Scott Love only averaged 38 yards a punt but 3 of those were inside the 20 yard line.

Grade: C


Loved the play action! Need more of it! It really froze the Texas linebackers and allowed Trey more time to look further down field. More plays need to be designed off this.

No more running east/west! Frank Goodin is a north - south runner and so is Lovett. Those guys need the ball in between the tackles. We had a golden opportunity on a 2nd and goal from the Texas 1 yard line and we pitched it backwards for a six yard loss.

Wild Warhawk offense...sigh..not sure what to say here. At times the option was able to pick up some nice yardage but as a whole it really threw the offense off. Trey was in a rhythm and when you pull him out of the game it throws off his timing. Where was the Wild Warhawk when we were inside the 5 yard line??

Grade: C+

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