Warhawks Land In Tempe

In less than 24 hours the ULM Warhawks will take on the Arizona Sun Devils. The Warhawks touched down in Tempe at 6:00 PM.

Warhawks Pre Game Schedule


6:00PM PCT Warhawks Land In Tempe

6:40PM PCT Warhawks arrive at hotel

6:45PM PCT Warhawks have sit down dinner at hotel

7:30PM PCT Warhawks depart for Sun Devil Stadium

7:45PM PCT Warhawks arrive at Sun Devil Stadium

8:00PM PCT Warhawks walk thru at Sun Devil Stadium

8:00PM PCT Warhawks depart back to hotel

9:30PM PCT Friday night snack

10:30PM PCT Curfew, Warhawks In bed


9:00AM PCT Wakeup Call

9:30AM PCT Team Breakfast

10:00AM PCT Position Walk

10:10AM PCT Special Teams Meeting

10:30AM PCT Offensive/Defensive Meeting

11:00AM PCT Rest In Rooms (Off Feet)

3:15PM PCT Coaches Meeting

3:15PM PCT Players Hydrotherapy

3:45PM PCT Team Pre-Game Meal

4:04PM PCT Chapel

4:25PM PCT Team Meeting

4:50PM PCT Arrive Sun Devil Stadium

7:07PM PCT Kickoff vs Arizona State!

10:30PM PCT Post Game Meal

10:50PM PCT Depart for Mesa Airport

11:00PM PCT Arrive at Mesa Airport

12:30AM PCT Flight departs for Monroe, La

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