Weatherbie Weekly Wrap Up

ULM head coach Charlie Weatherbie comments on the FIU game, the Arkansas State Red Wolves, that crazy penalty in the 3rd quarter that took away a would be touchdown for the Warhawks, posting over 550 yards of offense for the second time this season, and this weeks Sun Belt Conference players of the week sweep for ULM.

On the FIU game overall.

"We played a very good Florida International football team that fought to the end and are excited for our football team to come away with the victory.

"Looking forward to taking this Saturday off, resting up, and then next Tuesday playing Arkansas State at home".

On Frank Goodin, Theo Smith, and Radi Jabour sweeping the Sun Belt Conference players of the week awards.

"That's great, not only for those guys, but for our program. Those young men did some good things out there. Overall it was a great team victory".

Have you had a chance to take a look at Arkansas State?

"Yes, yes we have. Very good football team, very physical football team. Very good at running the football and well coached as you would expect a Coach Roberts team to be.

The Warhawks Darrell McNeal took an apparent option from Trey Revell and danced his way down the sidelines for a touchdown. The play was reviewed to see if he stepped out of bounds but what happened next blew the home crowd away. A penalty was called after further review on an illegal forward pass. What was your take on that?

"I've never been apart of anything like that. Obviously with the new replay system Florida International might have challenged it being a forward lateral but I never was told how that wound up from their (referee) point of view.

Talk about overcoming that adversity, the fumble on the next series, and FIU scoring to pull within 3 points (31-28). You guys were able to fight through that and rattle off 17 straight points to put the game away.

"There is going to be adversity in every game and that is something we talk about and try to prepare ourselves mentally for that. It's one of those things were you know it's gonna happen, you just have to make sure you can overcome it emotionally and then physically you can go take care of business".

"For the second time this week ULM has put up over 550 yards of offense and seems to be clicking pretty good.

"We have been blessed. Our guys are doing some good things right now execution wise, but I think we can still improve in some areas. We have a chance to be really good if we continue to improve week in and week out".

Coach Steve Roberts talks about facing ULM.

"They do a lot of stuff on both sides of the football. Defensively, they are everywhere. They base out of a three man front and there is a lot of movement, a lot of overloads to one side. They thrive on creating negative plays and are sound in every area. It's something we have not seen this year and will have to adjust".

"Obviously they have a lot of momentum coming into this game with back to back conference wins".

Arkansas State center Tom Castilaw is out for the season and has been replaced by RSF Eric Allen.

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