Hawk Safety Commits To ULM

One of the best safeties to come through the ULM program will graduate after this season in James Truxillo. Fortunatly for the Warhawks they have received a verbal commitment from the top safety on their board. Get the scoop and the exclusive interview inside Warhawk Nation.com

The ULM Warhawks got a surprise phone call early this week from Trinity Ccmmunity College safety/LB Dan Jackson.

Jackson, who committed to Alabama-Birmingham back on October 23, called to inform the ULM staff that he had a change of heart. "I basically told them if they were still interested in me I was available", said Jackson.

"Coach Collins said heck yeah we are so I told them I wanted to come to ULM next year. They were pumped up. ULM said I was their #1 Hawk safety on the board. Now that I am committed the said they are done looking for another hawk safety".

Jackson is from Mansfield high school were he was a stand out defensive back. If not for him qualifying late he would be a horned frog today. "TCU offered me a full scholarship but my grades came in to late. They suggested I enroll at Trinity".

At Trinity Jackson was named All conference honorable mention as a Freshman. He finished with 62 tackles and 2 interceptions. This past season he racked up 80 tackles.

Warhawk Nation asked Jackson why he made the switch from UAB to ULM.

"UAB wanted me to outside linebacker but that is not what I wanted to play in college. Also ULM is so much closer. I will be able to come home on the weekends and I couldn't do that at UAB. ULM has a great safety that is graduating and I have a solid shot at starting in that spot".

"Also I love the 3-3-5 defense that they run. We ran that in high school so I am very familiar with it".

Dan is planning on visiting the Warhawks again when they play their final home game of the season against Middle Tennessee. North Texas, Tulsa, UAB, and Memphis had also offered Jackson.

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