Oklahoma Lineman Makes #14

Tulsa Union Oklahoma lineman Jake Keller knew immediately where he wanted to continue his college career. Come inside Warhawk Nation.com to get Jake's thoughts on his commitment to the ULM program.

"We just got back home about 30 minutes ago" said newest ULM commitment Jake Keller. I had an awesome time with great people and enjoyed some really good food".

Keller and his teammates are still celebrating their back to back state championships in Oklahoma's highest football classification.

"I actually missed my entire junior season with a knee injury", said Jake. I had a scholarship to Oklahoma State before my injury. I talked to them every week but when I got injured they backed off. I actually heard back from them after this years bowl game but I told them no thanks now".

"I was looking for family in a school and I found that here at ULM. I already made some friends down here and I haven't seen anything like this campus".

Keller (6'4 275) said the Warhawks are the only team that isn't concerned about his past injury, they just wanted to talk about the future.

"A lot of school are scared to take a chance on me". I played my entire senior season, I am in great shape. It just motivates me more to give ULM all I have on the football field".

"Coach Berry said he isn't just looking for big offensive lineman, he is looking for players to come in and lead this football team. You can tell he is very passionate about football.

Keller has several D-2 offers and is also being recruited by Colorado State and Utah State. "Ohio and N.Illinois want me to come up for official visits but that is just to far away".

"ULM just busted onto the scene about three weeks ago with me". Oklahoma football is big time but when you start getting into Texas and Louisiana high school football, it's a another level. "I knew ULM was serious about this program when I saw big Leon Lett. That was pretty cool, meeting him".

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