Coach Berry On His First Class

With just over three weeks to gather his troops and hit the road recruiting, ULM head coach Todd Berry talks about this year recruiting class.

Warhawk Nation: Talk about this class in general and what you expect to get out of it.

Coach Berry:

"Its hard to project who will make the biggest impact. I've been doing this 28 years and it's still hard to predict. There is the physical side of it. There are a couple of these guys physically that can play for us and will have to. Then you have the mental side as well as the emotional side. There are some challenges at the college level that some players are not ready for".

"I think this class meets our needs, it allows us to grow some lineman up which is really important. We had to pass up on a lot of great skill position players because we knew we need lineman. It's easy to do that down here in Louisiana, there are so many great skill players, but they will be there next year too. All of sudden you look up and you have burned all your scholarships on skill athletes and you didn't fill your needs".

Warhawk Nation:"You had a lot of success in the state of Oklahoma as well as pulling a couple of guys from UNLV, talk about that.

Coach Berry:

"There is a strong connection for myself, Coach Vice, and Coach Farmer in Oklahoma. The unique thing about Oklahoma is it doesn't get recruited heavily. You have Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Tulsa in state but there are not many other schools that go into the state to recruit".

"There is a lot of lineman in Oklahoma and those are hard for us to find sometimes down here. Between that and a couple of transfer guys that are already in the program, it can be good area for us to get some specific needs".

"In terms of the UNLV guys, I feel good about looking myself in the mirror ethically. UNLV promised those kids that they were gonna honor those scholarships then turned around and said that they weren't, they were dropping the whole class. At that point those young men contacted me about an opportunity at ULM".

"Obviously we are real excited about getting those guys because I had a hand in recruiting them when I was at UNLV. I know exactly what I am getting and that is important to me and the athletes. They know already what I expect and they know what they are getting with me".

Warhawk Nation

What is the number on thing your looking for going into the spring?

Coach Berry

"Commitment". They have got to learn to trust us as coaches so we can help them. And I have got to learn to trust them and I will do that by seeing how committed they are to making themselves a better player and leader. If we don't get anything else out of spring but that, I will know who is in and who is out. Then we will know who to play".

Warhawk Nation:

Is there a position group that going into the spring that you guys are more concerned with than others?

Coach Berry

"The offensive line is a concern because of numbers and the d-line has some same question there that need to be addressed. I don't think the skill position players have many questions but I am very interested to see what we have at the quarterback position because that is the catalyst".

"From a physical standpoint and a mental standpoint, I coach the position a lot different than most coaches do. This will a different approach than they are used to. I am anxious to see how many of them really like learning about football".

I would say the two units I mentioned before and the quarterback position are critical. Leadership comes from respect and respect comes from work ethic".

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